We Are Getting Closer!

Hooray! We got our Certificate of Occupancy for the Roseboro Restaurant. Tomorrow, we meet with the New York Department of Health to do a kitchen inspection. The last hurdle is waiting for our liqueur license. Once we get that, we will be ready to open the restaurant.

In the meantime, the bathrooms have been completely gutted as some of the walls had to be rebuilt and new 36″ doors and stalls installed to meet handicap accessibility codes. While we painstakingly removed the 1930s urinals, I fear we will not be able to use them. They are cracked in a few places and the cost to have them repaired and reglazed is astronomical. Finding parts to repair them is almost impossible. The difficult part of doing a project like this is to balance what you would “like” to do versus what is feasible and cost effective. I do not have unlimited resources and sometimes need to make decisions based on what makes financial sense. The urinals were one of those tough decisions. Sorry urinal fans! Maybe we will put them on display somewhere in the hotel.Roseboro29

Our fabric samples are on their way and we will soon be making new drapes and refinishing and reupholstering all of the dining chairs with a burgundy fabric.

I am anxious to start in painting the exterior of the building. The last time it was painted was 2001. It took over 350 gallons of paint just to do the front side of the building! I am sure we will be painting all summer! Gary is going to start next week on completing necessary repairs to the porch and railings so I can begin painting.

Since it was such nice weather today, I went tree shopping and came home with a whole bunch of flowering trees for the landscaping. Now, we just need it too warm up enough so we can plant them!

There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done! People keep asking, “When are you going to open?” My response, “When we are ready!” I want it to look amazing and will not compromise just to open early. I don’t want to ruin the WOW factor!