Roseboro Stores

howland-house2The Roseboro store area wing (former home of the original the Beekman 1802 store), was called the Howland House. The Holland House was only a two story family dwelling in the mid to late 1800’s.. It also housed a boys music school and the post office in the 1800’s. When former owner, Dawne Belloise, pulled up the flooring between the second floor (what would have been the attic), she found a mid-1800’s book of prayers (not Jewish), a music baton, some old bottles and a couple of other items . They had been sealed in the floor when the owners added the 3rd and then 4th stories.

The first floor will be renovated and open by the Spring of 2015. The remaining floors will be renovated into individual stores for area craftspeople to sell their wares. The additional renovations will occur floor by floor as there is demand.