Roseboro Laundry Building

laundry1The Laundry Building behind the Roseboro was built in 1932. Three stories tall, its terra cotta block has a concrete facade, much like a frescoed villa in Italy. It also has steel beam construction throughout. There is beautiful wainscoting on the main floor and concrete slab floors that held steam operated laundry equipment. Some of the equipment was later converted to electric and all of the machinery is still in there. (I sure wish I could find a museum who would take this equipment!)

Next to the laundry room is a large garage with doors at either end. On either end of the building on the ground floor are also storage rooms. The staircase between the main & 2nd floor is concrete and steel. The 2nd & 3rd floors have 24 dormitory style rooms, 4 baths and a 3 room apt. The is where the Wasserman family lived when they came up from Florida for the summer. The floors are hardwood. The banisters, staircases and floors are in remarkable shape. The plaster walls are beautifully smooth and in excellent condition. This building will eventually house a new sandwich and pizza restaurant on the first floor and apartment/condo on the remaining upper floors.

There was a building beside this building that was torn down in the 1980s that was used for hotel staff housing. When wealthy guests would come from New York and bring their maids, they would also stay in this building.