Remodeling Plans

renovations1Project Manager Gary O’Connor and I had a planning meeting today regarding the remodeling of the hotel. We decided that while the building continues to be raised back to a somewhat level state, we would start in on remodeling the bathrooms off the lobby. The bathroom entrance doors were originally built 30″ wide and later expanded. However, the doors were not properly braced, so we have to address that issue in both the men’s and ladies restrooms first. All new stalls will be built, new floors put in once the building is done being leveled, (the old tile cracked during the raising of the building), new chandeliers, and new sinks – using the old fixtures. The 1930 urinals in the men’s bathrooms will be saved if possible. They are cracked and need to be re-glazed. We need to find someone who does that type of work as I would really like to keep them.

10377450_10152682468383581_7611787081276069173_nThe next step will be to start in on remodeling the kitchen. All of the old dishes, glassware, pots and pans will sorted through. Anything usable will be kept, but most will be disposed of. We will move the bar to a new location in the ballroom, which will allow easier access and not take up so much room in the dining room. All of the bathrooms, lobby, and dining room will receive a fresh coat of paint and new curtains. Our plan is to get the restaurant open by late spring. A lot of work ahead!

The last photo shows a photo of the lobby in about 1930.