Diebold Safe & Lock Company

safeToday, as we started to raise the building in the main lobby area of the hotel, we encountered a problem. (We are gradually raising the building in areas where it has sunk over the years and putting in all new footings.)

The safe under the front desk was so heavy (2 1/2 tons) that it started to fall through the floor. We had to use a hydraulic jack and remove it. The safe was built in 1887. W. H. Butler, was a sales agent for the “Diebold Safe & Lock Company”, His address was 79 Duane Street, New York, NY. and he was selling safes for Diebold from at least the late 1880s until the early 1900’s. The safe has the Rosenberg name on it (the original name for the Roseboro). The safe inside the original safe was purchased by Dawne and Dennis, the previous owners. That safe was locked, but we were able to obtain the combination from the manufacturer.

Beneath the safe, we found old room keys and a nickel from 1878.

10540841_10152675728798581_3213787824647752930_nThis is the original front desk of the Roseboro Hotel. The safe was located underneath the desk. In the early 1900’s the desk was painted white. Dawne and Dennis, the previous owners, stripped the white paint and restored it to its original beauty.