Animal Rescue

Today, I became a real farmer – well, sort of! Laurel Russell Shaver, Jay Lavery, John Hall, and I participated in an animal rescue. A nearby neighbor had to give up all of their animals. They had 16 horses, two alpacas, a llama, tons of sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese.Horses4

I brought home 6 of the ducks and they have found a new home in the barn. I will be getting 3 horses and two goats on Wednesday of this week. Jay took six goats, Laurel took the alpacas, llama, some sheep and the rabbits. I will use one of the horses to drive my buggy – one of the treasures I picked up on my recent trip to Kentucky. I also acquired a beautiful surrey (which Jenn Loutzenhiser brought last weekend from Michigan) and a nice red buckboard. Good thing I have the barn at the farm, the barn at the Roseboro and the large garage in the Laundry Building to store everything.

10846414_10152568516803581_632559117282880211_nAs you can see, the ducks are very happy and settled in their new home in the barn at Longhollow Farm. Now, we just have to build new stalls in the barn for the horses and a carrel for the goats! Good thing I have Gary O’Connor working for me! He ends up doing a bit more than just Roseboro construction.