1996 Repairs

1996-repairsMany major repairs were done by Dennis Giacomo after he purchased the Roseboro Hotel in 1996. The building had sat vacant following the hotel closure in 1963. Thirty-three years of neglect had taken its toll on the structure. The entire roof had to be replaced, porches were repaired or replaced, new steps added – just to name a few repairs. Almost all of the foundations walls were rebuilt on the Howland House (Main Street building wing).

1996-repairs2The Howland House building had dropped almost 2 feet since the last renovation in 1930. When Dennis started jacking the building back up, the walls weren’t moving where they should. He was forced to gut all of the lath and plaster on the main floor to see why. He discovered that sometime between 1913 and 1930, when the original building was being renovated, the construction crew removed all the main load-bearing walls and support beams. Dennis had to immediately brace all the floors, setting up hemlock support posts. He completely rebuilt all of the structural bearing walls that had been removed, replaced all the beams and gutted the 2nd floor to be sure everything was supported correctly. The Howland House wing is now relatively straight and definitely sound. Thanks for your wonderful work, Dennis!