We Need More Hours In The Day!

Window repair And so . . . the outside work begins! Today, we removed one of the windows on the Main Street side on the porch. Gary did an excellent job of replacing the siding. It was a great opportunity to put insulation in the wall as well. I put a coat of primer on it this afternoon (once I got back from another auction.)

We will power wash the porch side tomorrow and begin painting it the new cream color. New burgundy shutters to go on the windows. We will only get the first floor painted by the Garden Party. Gary will jack up the porch tomorrow so it will be level all the way across. New footings will be put in to prevent it from sinking again. New lattice will be installed across the front and I will put new landscaping all along the front to the Roseboro.

Ron PaintingOn the inside, Ron Kleinberger continues working on raising the Holland House back to a level state. All of the new footings are in now, so we will begin the slow process of jacking the building up. It can only go up 1/2″ a day. Ron had to hand-dig all of the footings and with the help of John Gribbin, take the dirt out a bucket-full at a time. Ron has done an amazing job!

I have been working on creating the gardens on the Washington Street side of the building. The fountain will be painted, and new electricity and water lines put in as the old ones are warn out. New flowering trees, shrubs and lots of roses were purchased to plant later this week.

Lots of work ahead!