Wasserman Era

Harry Wasserman bought The Roseboro property in the late 1890s. Yesterday, I received a message from a man who is Harry Wasserman’s great grandson congratulating me on the work I am doing on The Roseboro. I responded back asking him for more information on the Wasserman family as I would like to know more about them. I knew they came from Florida and went back there after the hotel closed in 1968. Harry died in 1956 and the hotel was passed on to three of his nine children.

Harry’s great grandson said he would put me in touch with his sister who had more information on the family history. When I received a message from his sister and saw her name, I was shocked! She is from Pleasanton, CA. and I know her.

In 2005 – 2007, I worked in human resources for a company called Spansion in Sunnyvale, CA and it turns out this lady was the VP of Human Resources for that company. We worked together! We were both surprised when we saw each other’s name. How odd is it that 10 years later, I would end up owning her great grandfather’s hotel – The Roseboro?

I called her up today and we had a wonderful conversation! She shared much of the Wasserman family history with me. She told me her grandmother and mother had worked at The Roseboro. Her mother had several boxes of things from the hotel and passed them along to Carroll. She found the boxes as we were talking on the phone. She came across old photos, signs, hotel records and other memorabilia. She has graciously agreed to share them with me. What a find! She is also going to call some of her older relatives and try to get some stories and memories of when they worked at The Roseboro. Carroll had been to The Roseboro many times as a child. Her last visit was about twenty years ago. She now plans to come back for a visit this summer.

I am so thrilled to have made this connection and be able to preserve some of The Roseboro history and the Wasserman legacy. Of course, I will share them here once I receive them.

What are the chance that I would find one of my former co-workers in California was the great granddaughter of the former owner of The Roseboro in Upstate New York? Who knew!