Titanic Museum

titanicI am a huge Titanic fan and have collected hundreds of photos and memorabilia about the legendary cruise ship. I am even writing a book about my collection. One of the largest and most luxurious passenger liners at the time, the Titanic was also considered by many to be unsinkable. On April 14, 1912, however, the ship struck an iceberg, and early the next day it sank. Over 1,500 people perished.

Since I have a LOT of space in the Roseboro, I plan to devote a couple of rooms into a Titanic museum to display my photos and and memorabilia. Should be interesting!

UPDATE: Exciting news! We were just awarded the merchandising distribution rights by Premier Exhibitions for our future permanent Titanic exhibit at the Roseboro. This means we will have the official rights to display Titanic items and sell Titanic merchandise in the gift shop. New items for the display are arriving every day. This is going to be a wonderful exhibit and a nice attraction for tourism to Sharon Springs.

titanic2More EXCITING news! As mentioned earlier, a Titanic Museum will be housed on the 2nd Floor of the Roseboro above the Main Lobby and Restaurant. We are thrilled to have received a wonderful donation of a Titanic collection from the John Papp family. John was an avid Titanic collector and was a member of the Titanic Society for many years before he died. Many thanks to the Papp family for this wonderful donation!

Some new additions to the collection include many historical items – original newspaper articles on the disaster, photographs; dishes; a 3rd Class blanket; commemorative items such as a 7-UP can from Buenos Aires, Argentina; an original signed cast album from the Broadway cast of “Titanic;” a Titanic teapot and Titanic cookie jar; Titanic action figures; and a replica of a Titanic Lifeboat. More items arrive all the time. Stay tuned! The museum will be an exciting part of the Roseboro Project!