Please Limit Your Time To 10 Minutes

Here are interesting photos of the hotel over the years. The first was taken in 1896, prior to the buildings being joined together. You can see the Rosenberg House on the right was only a two story house. It was built in 1850 and the Rosenberg Hotel was built in 1888. They were joined together in 1900 (along with the Howland House cir. 1870) and the additional storeys added to make 135 guest rooms.

However, there were only 23 bathrooms in total in the hotel, only 6 luxury rooms with bathtubs. Most people used the public baths at the spas and shared the 23 common toilets in the hotel. The sign on the toilet door said, “Please limit your time to 10 minutes.” There are still toilets (like the one in the picture) unopened in crates in the attic.