Cleaning Out the Laundry Building

12193359_10153256536953581_6815318216261193786_nA very busy day at The Roseboro today! We began cleaning out the Laundry Building. We scrapped all of the old laundry equipment and boilers.

The washing machine was so heavy that they had a very difficult time getting it onto the truck. One of the washing machines rolled off of the truck before the got it chained down, That was a bit scary.

Hillside Gardens

11141183_10153070187018581_2390709005893043063_nIn the mid-1860s, Henry J. Bang, owner of the Fango Bathhouse and Congress Hotel complex in Sharon Springs began constructing beautiful gardens with arbors on the hillside by the Magnesia Temple as shown in these photos. A very elaborate bridge used to cross Brimstone Creek. The arbors had seats with foot rests available to the guests after a stroll through the gardens. By the early 1900s, it all fell into decay and was taken down. The gardens and walkways became overgrown and turned into dense woodland.

Roseboro Gardens

11212767_10153048623483581_2191276096044107282_nI have been working on the gardens on the side of the Roseboro. All of the porcelain base lights were replaced with Victorian-style hanging lights on the porch. There are 22 of these total! I put in Victorian-style lights today to match the new hanging lights on the porch. I worked on the handicapped ramp and will work on more painting this week. I am going to build a fence around the gardens and duplicate the pattern of the porch railing for the fence.

Cantor Joseph Shlisky

11167792_10152924229138581_6297438498658050014_nThe name of the Roseboro changed several times over the years. It was The Howland House (1850s), The Rosenberg House (1870s), The Rosenberg Hotel (1896s), (joined 3 building into one in 1900), The Rosenboro Hotel, Hotel Roseboro and finally, The Roseboro.

Today, we began to remove the floors in the bathrooms off the lobby (which need to be replaced due to the cracking when the building was jacked up to be level.) Under the floors, we found a number of old concert posters from the early 1900s. There was not a year on the poster, however, it was dated Sunday Evening August 3rd, but no year.