Memories Of Working At The Roseboro As A Young Girl

Mary Ann Larkin, President of the Sharon Springs Historical Society, recently shared what it was like working at the Roseboro as a young girl. howland-house

Here is her recollection:

“I worked at the Roseboro during the summer of 1961 as a bus girl. My pay check from the Wasserman’s was $13.25 a week. As a bus girl, I not only removed the dirty dishes from the tables, but I also served different items like beverages and special side orders of food and so on. (more…)

Roseboro Progress Update

10997728_10152737793633581_1521504805459826136_nRon Kleinberger and Gary O’Connor have been hard at work! The Dining Room and Lobby areas have been raise back to level and new footings have been put under those entire rooms, as well as under the restrooms. The building sunk down over 3 inches in several spot, and had to be raised back to level and secured so it remains level. The new substantial concrete footings were installed to ensure it will not sink again. Now, we begin fixing the cracks and replastering the walls in that area. Next week, we will start remodeling the bathrooms off of the lobby. Our goal is to get the restaurant open by late spring.

Remodeling Plans

renovations1Project Manager Gary O’Connor and I had a planning meeting today regarding the remodeling of the hotel. We decided that while the building continues to be raised back to a somewhat level state, we would start in on remodeling the bathrooms off the lobby. The bathroom entrance doors were originally built 30″ wide and later expanded. However, the doors were not properly braced, so we have to address that issue in both the men’s and ladies restrooms first. All new stalls will be built, new floors put in once the building is done being leveled, (the old tile cracked during the raising of the building), new chandeliers, and new sinks – using the old fixtures. The 1930 urinals in the men’s bathrooms will be saved if possible. They are cracked and need to be re-glazed. We need to find someone who does that type of work as I would really like to keep them.