Painting To Begin Soon

10981517_10152832643988581_5986673558697724899_nOutside painting and repairs will begin very soon at the Roseboro. All of the lattice skirting will come off and be replaced. The porch wood railings need to be repaired as much of it has rotted. Painting will begin as soon as we have some warm days. There is too much exterior painting to do to have it done by the Garden Party at the end of May. The challenge will be to get as much done as possible while still having it look presentable for the upcoming festival. The colors are changing so we may only get the porch and first floor done by the end of May. The lobby bathrooms are currently under construction as is the Holland House wing. Things are happening!

New Brookfair Gardens Store to Open at The Roseboro

I am excited to be opening Brookfair Gardens very soon at the Roseboro. Brookfair Gardens is a garden supply, gift shop and antique store. We are currently renovating the entire first floor of the Holland House (where the Beekman Merchantile 1802 used to be.) We are removing the walls to make it into one large store. Brookfair Gardens merchandise will also be available online very soon.

We Are Getting Closer!

Hooray! We got our Certificate of Occupancy for the Roseboro Restaurant. Tomorrow, we meet with the New York Department of Health to do a kitchen inspection. The last hurdle is waiting for our liqueur license. Once we get that, we will be ready to open the restaurant. (more…)

Gardens At The Roseboro

gardensIt is almost time to begin creating our gardens at The Roseboro. We will soon start planting the gardens on the north side of The Roseboro where the green fountain is currently. We will be putting in a white scalloped fence around this entire area and plant amazing border gardens. Sturbridge arbors will be installed at each garden entrance. It will be a perfect spot for outdoor weddings!

Sandra Manko Remembers Working at The Roseboro

THE ROSEBORO (by Sandra Manko)

I worked at the Roseboro for 3 summers during the 1950s.Sandy

It was very interesting if nothing else. We had a good time which is a good thing because we certainly didn’t get rich.

We worked an average of 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the 1st summer my paycheck was $8.50. That’s not $8.50 an hour – that’s $8.50 a week. I was a bus girl. The waitresses got paid a few dollars more. By 1957, I got paid $19.00/week – that was with 2 years prior experience. When Dawne Belloise & Dennis Giacomo were renovating the Roseboro, they found this little booklet from 1957 stuck somewhere in a wall and it showed our wages. Joyce Farro worked as a waitress and she got $19.00/week. Barbara Whitbeck got paid $18.00/week. (more…)