Cantor Joseph Shlisky

11167792_10152924229138581_6297438498658050014_nThe name of the Roseboro changed several times over the years. It was The Howland House (1850s), The Rosenberg House (1870s), The Rosenberg Hotel (1896s), (joined 3 building into one in 1900), The Rosenboro Hotel, Hotel Roseboro and finally, The Roseboro.

Today, we began to remove the floors in the bathrooms off the lobby (which need to be replaced due to the cracking when the building was jacked up to be level.) Under the floors, we found a number of old concert posters from the early 1900s. There was not a year on the poster, however, it was dated Sunday Evening August 3rd, but no year.

Face Lift Continues

11377144_10152914751148581_8228286114840012681_nWe are continuing to upgrade the appearance of The Roseboro. This week, we added all new landscaping and added the burgundy and gold leaf trim. We also installed 18 new hanging lights on the porch. There is still a lot more to do, but it is coming along! Stop by and take a look!

Pardon Our Mess!

0415151156Pardon Our Mess! The front of the Roseboro underwent a major renovation today. All of the old lattice was removed. Gary put in new footings and jacked the porch back up to level. New lattice will be installed. What was green will be painted burgundy. I power-washed the entire front of the Roseboro and will begin painting it tomorrow.

We Need More Hours In The Day!

Window repair And so . . . the outside work begins! Today, we removed one of the windows on the Main Street side on the porch. Gary did an excellent job of replacing the siding. It was a great opportunity to put insulation in the wall as well. I put a coat of primer on it this afternoon (once I got back from another auction.)

We will power wash the porch side tomorrow and begin painting it the new cream color. New burgundy shutters to go on the windows. We will only get the first floor painted by the Garden Party. Gary will jack up the porch tomorrow so it will be level all the way across. New footings will be put in to prevent it from sinking again. New lattice will be installed across the front and I will put new landscaping all along the front to the Roseboro.