Wasserman Era

Harry Wasserman bought The Roseboro property in the late 1890s. Yesterday, I received a message from a man who is Harry Wasserman’s great grandson congratulating me on the work I am doing on The Roseboro. I responded back asking him for more information on the Wasserman family as I would like to know more about them. I knew they came from Florida and went back there after the hotel closed in 1968. Harry died in 1956 and the hotel was passed on to three of his nine children.

Harry’s great grandson said he would put me in touch with his sister who had more information on the family history. When I received a message from his sister and saw her name, I was shocked! She is from Pleasanton, CA. and I know her.

Grand Debut

The self-playing grand piano I brought from California made its “grand” debut at the Sharon Springs Chamber mixer Friday night. It makes a nice addition to the newly renovated Roseboro dining room.

Sharon Springs Chamber Mixer

Beautiful centerpieces made by Maria Lange of Sharon Sprigs who is opening a new shop soon in Sharon Springs. These were made for the dining room in The Roseboro for the Sharon Springs Chamber Mixer.

The Roseboro’s Foundation

The original hotel was built on whiskey barrels filled with concrete. Over times, the barrels sunk into the ground – over two feet. You can still see a few of the barrels in the basement today. However, in the past few years, the hotel has been jacked up and new concrete piers and footings have been put in. The previous owners did quite a bit of foundation work. However, when I bought it, I did substantial work on the foundation that took over a year to complete. All of the new footings in the basement had to be hand dug; dirt and rock had to be hand carried out in buckets. Since we could only jack the building up a 1/2″ a day, it took us almost a year to bring it level. Even then, walls cracked and bowed. Many had to be replaced. It now is structurally sound and is starting to look great!