Sharon Springs Is Making a Comeback! Roseboro featured!

The village time nearly forgot: Spa town that drew 10,000 people a year to its mineral springs in the 1800s is back on the map after falling into disrepair.

Read about the amazing restoration going on in Sharon Springs as well as a feature on The Roseboro project.  Click here to read the complete story and see some great photos of the past and present.

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room – Coming in May

We have a large selection of antique tea cups at Miss Lodema’s Tea Room at The Roseboro. Here are just a few we have available. Choosing your own tea cup allows you to individualize your tea experience while savoring your favorite flavor of tea. If you like your tea cup, they are for sale. We will wash and box it for you to take home.

Seating for the Sharon Springs Garden Party Weekend will be at (Reservation Only): 11:00 AM; 12:30 PM; 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM. Reservations can be made by calling 518-860-5513.

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room has been in the planning stages for almost a year. Although the concept was clear, the name was not. We wanted a Victorian name to reflect that era in the 1800’s when the Roseboro Hotel’s private orchestra played while the guests took their afternoon tea or danced at a tea dance. The tea room would have a distinctly European Victorian atmosphere, so we sought a name with an English connection. It needed the name to be unique. It should also connect to Schoharie County and its surroundings. As you can imagine, there were lots of rejects. However, in 1873 there was a baby girl born just over the Schoharie County line in Delaware County to an English family that came from Sussex in the early 1700’s. Although not named specifically for her, the name seems just right. Enjoy your visit.”

Please Limit Your Time To 10 Minutes

Here are interesting photos of the hotel over the years. The first was taken in 1896, prior to the buildings being joined together. You can see the Rosenberg House on the right was only a two story house. It was built in 1850 and the Rosenberg Hotel was built in 1888. They were joined together in 1900 (along with the Howland House cir. 1870) and the additional storeys added to make 135 guest rooms.

However, there were only 23 bathrooms in total in the hotel, only 6 luxury rooms with bathtubs. Most people used the public baths at the spas and shared the 23 common toilets in the hotel. The sign on the toilet door said, “Please limit your time to 10 minutes.” There are still toilets (like the one in the picture) unopened in crates in the attic.