The Roseboro Featured In The Daily Star

daily-starOn the Bright Side: Renovator gives new lease on life to long-dormant Sharon Springs hotel. SHARON SPRINGS — Once an elegant resort that beckoned vacationers from New York City to this tidy village off U.S. Route 20, the old Roseboro Hotel hasn’t been occupied in decades. Click HERE to read more.

Roseboro Stores

howland-house2The Roseboro store area wing (former home of the original the Beekman 1802 store), was called the Howland House. The Holland House was only a two story family dwelling in the mid to late 1800’s.. It also housed a boys music school and the post office in the 1800’s. When former owner, Dawne Belloise, pulled up the flooring between the second floor (what would have been the attic), she found a mid-1800’s book of prayers (not Jewish), a music baton, some old bottles and a couple of other items . They had been sealed in the floor when the owners added the 3rd and then 4th stories.

The first floor will be renovated and open by the Spring of 2015. The remaining floors will be renovated into individual stores for area craftspeople to sell their wares. The additional renovations will occur floor by floor as there is demand.

Ballroom Chandeliers

chandeliersMy first big decor purchase for the Roseboro. I bought 15 of the large chandeliers and 14 of the wall sconces. They will make the ballroom look soooo classy! Can’t you just see these illuminating through the large ballroom windows? The ballroom will be done by December in time for the Victorian Holiday Festival.

Roseboro Colors Chosen

colorsThe new colors for the Roseboro have been chosen. Rymn Parsons and Barbara Melera were on the right track. The main exterior will be Opal Cream (Behr 300 A-1) with Bright White trim around the windows and porch. The shutters and doors will be Chipotle Paste (also Behr PPU2-1) which is a burgundy color. (Yes, the shutters will return once again!)

The photo of my garden house will give you an idea of the paint colors. The new cream color will be just a tad more yellowish cream than in the photo. This should add a bit more color to Main Street but still look very stylish!