Remodeling Plans

renovations1Project Manager Gary O’Connor and I had a planning meeting today regarding the remodeling of the hotel. We decided that while the building continues to be raised back to a somewhat level state, we would start in on remodeling the bathrooms off the lobby. The bathroom entrance doors were originally built 30″ wide and later expanded. However, the doors were not properly braced, so we have to address that issue in both the men’s and ladies restrooms first. All new stalls will be built, new floors put in once the building is done being leveled, (the old tile cracked during the raising of the building), new chandeliers, and new sinks – using the old fixtures. The 1930 urinals in the men’s bathrooms will be saved if possible. They are cracked and need to be re-glazed. We need to find someone who does that type of work as I would really like to keep them.

A Touch of Nostalgia

10940592_10152671913453581_8020661148056849708_nAs I start to collect items for my guest rooms in the Roseboro, I came across this great find the other day and brought it to the Roseboro. While my guest rooms will have modern conveniences (like a Keurig coffee maker in every room), I want them to have a touch of nostalgia as well.

Beverwyck Brewing Company

famous-beverageWhile working on the footings underneath the Roseboro this week, Ron Kleinberger found this large old sign. Beverwyck Brewing Company was formed in 1878 and was located at 30/52 North Ferry Street, in Albany, New York. The brewery produced beer from 1878 until prohibition in 1920. During prohibition Beverwyck had a license to produce non-alcoholic beverages. Beverwyck reopened in 1933 with six products. The beer was produced in a can with a funnel lid on top as shown in the photo.

Foundation Work Continues

10896969_10152653700343581_2372558687047624158_nWhat’s been going on at the Roseboro since the Victorian Holiday Festival? Well, work continues on the foundation and footings of the building. Ron Kleinberger has been busy putting in new concrete footing to replace the old whiskey barrels that had been holding it up. Once the footings are in place, then Ron will slowly start to jack up the building. It has to be done very slowly and only about a 1/2″ a day. He is working on the lobby and dining room first. The Ballroom wing and the Holland House (along Main Street) will be next. Gary has been doing some interior work, but I have pulled him off to do some work at the farm. We did get the new sign up a week ago. It looks great!

Our plan is to have the restaurant done and open by the first part of April. We will be remodeling the restrooms and painting the lobby and dining room in the next few months. A lot of work ahead!