Lobby Bathroom Remodeling

11312913_10152943743868581_8516369163065460690_oMany people ask when we will open. I do not have a definite date yet. This is because whenever you do a renovation project this big, you never know what you will run into. That is the case with our project. We want to do everything the right way and not rush just to open.

One project we are in the midst of doing is completely rebuilding the bathrooms off of the lobby. When we raised the building back to being level, the walls started to buckle where there was old or wood full of knots. We made the decision to completely rebuild the walls using all new lumber to prevent any issues down the road. We also created new 36″ handicapped accessible doorways to each bathroom to be ADA complaint. We also have to re-tile all of the floors and walls. Again, this all takes time. The good news is that we are making good progress, thanks to Gary O’Connor and his crew! We are shooting to open the restaurant by late summer.