Hillside Gardens

11141183_10153070187018581_2390709005893043063_nIn the mid-1860s, Henry J. Bang, owner of the Fango Bathhouse and Congress Hotel complex in Sharon Springs began constructing beautiful gardens with arbors on the hillside by the Magnesia Temple as shown in these photos. A very elaborate bridge used to cross Brimstone Creek. The arbors had seats with foot rests available to the guests after a stroll through the gardens. By the early 1900s, it all fell into decay and was taken down. The gardens and walkways became overgrown and turned into dense woodland.

The hillsides across from the Roseboro use to have beautiful walkways, gardens and landscaping throughout. The hillside has since become completely overgrown. Recently, we have begun clearing the hillside area and plan to restore some of the landscaping, walkways and gardens in the 10 acres across from the Roseboro. This will be a multi-year project, but we are making some progress. We opened up the banks today, so you can see the hillside. We will eventually put in a parking lot and a beautiful arbor entrance to the hillside gardens.