Cantor Joseph Shlisky

11167792_10152924229138581_6297438498658050014_nThe name of the Roseboro changed several times over the years. It was The Howland House (1850s), The Rosenberg House (1870s), The Rosenberg Hotel (1896s), (joined 3 building into one in 1900), The Rosenboro Hotel, Hotel Roseboro and finally, The Roseboro.

Today, we began to remove the floors in the bathrooms off the lobby (which need to be replaced due to the cracking when the building was jacked up to be level.) Under the floors, we found a number of old concert posters from the early 1900s. There was not a year on the poster, however, it was dated Sunday Evening August 3rd, but no year.

11181307_10152924318783581_5181792013832430953_nThe poster said, “Carnegie Hall Program Grand Concert.” Great Sirs In A Super Program – Cantor and Sweetest Singer of Today – Joseph Shlisky. The World Renown Violin Virtuoso Maximilian Rose and The Only Wonder Boy Seymour Rechtzeit.

Tickets to the concert were $1.00 (which was a lot in those days!) The proceeds went to support the Hebrew Nation Orphan’s Home.

Here is a YouTube video of Joseph Sclisky (1894-1955) cantering.