1939 Otis Elevator

elevator1A question was asked about the elevator in the building. It is a 1939 Otis elevator much like the one in the photo below. It has 7 stops. Because the hotel is actually 3 buildings joined into one, the floors are join at different levels. The elevator has doors on both sides. When it stops on the Howland House side, the doors open on one side. When it stops on the Rosenberg Hotel side, it opens on the other side.

staircaseSadly, in 1995, thieves broke in and stole the two solid brass elevator gates as well as the beautiful carved newel posts and spindles shown in this photo. I am meeting with the Otis company in Albany on my trip in two weeks to see if I can get the elevator repaired. I have also located a newel post company that does specially carved posts and may be able to duplicate these from the photos. Such a shame the originals were sawed off and stolen!

Update: Bad news on trying to save the Otis elevator. I met with the Otis people from Albany today. They said there is no way to repair it. I was very sad to hear that. It would cost almost $250,000 for a new one. I am looking into other options. Not what I wanted to hear!