Kitchen Redesign

We are excited to have redesigned the kitchen at The Roseboro and now have a fully licensed commercial kitchen with new equipment. We are also fully licensed to do catering, although we do not plan on doing that in the immediate future. We plan to start working on the ballroom next so we can start hosting large dinners and event such as weddings, etc. We love our new 10 burner Garland range and Blodgett convection oven. Our scones and tea cakes for Miss Lodema’s Tea Room are coming out light and flakey and golden brown.

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room

Another great event today at Miss Lodema’s Tea Room at The Roseboro. We hosted a very large bridal shower today with 46 guests. Thanks to Maya and Laurel Shaver, Eleanor J. Miller and Cheryl Keller for prepping and serving today. More parties this week! Book your party or get-together now at Miss Lodema’s Tea Room. Call 518-860-5513 for reservation of 12 or more.

Kingsboro Garden Club Visits Miss Lodema’s Tea Room

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room was a huge hit today with the Kingsboro Garden Club. The ladies enjoyed spending the day having tea party at The Roseboro.

Miss Lodema’s Tea Room is available for parties of 12 or more. Our tea includes a choice of soups, scones, a variety of tea sandwiches and desserts. Of course, you get to choose your favorite antique tea cup to savor a large assortment of teas. Reservations can be made by calling 518-860-5513.

Opening of Miss Lodema’s Tea Room

A HUGE thank you to Lodema Jenkins who came to Sharon Springs from Florida to help with the opening of Miss Lodema’s Tea Room. We could not have done it without her!!! Also, a special thank you to Lodema’s friend, Carol Larter, who volunteered to help out in the kitchen and lend a hand. The two made an awesome team! We received great feedback from those who attended the Sharon Springs Garden Party tea room Grand Opening.

Lodema Jenkins standing beside a photo of the original Lodema Sanford who was born in 1873 just over the Schoharie County line in Delaware County.

Sharon Springs Is Making a Comeback! Roseboro featured!

The village time nearly forgot: Spa town that drew 10,000 people a year to its mineral springs in the 1800s is back on the map after falling into disrepair.

Read about the amazing restoration going on in Sharon Springs as well as a feature on The Roseboro project.  Click here to read the complete story and see some great photos of the past and present.